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P.O. Box 82007, Lincoln, NE  68501 bullet (402) 421-8408 or (800) 213-8636

Please return the bond form, state application, Citizenship Attestation form, and Nebraska notary application to:  Nebraska Notary Association, P.O. Box 82007, Lincoln, NE  68501.

The bond form requires the applicant to sign in two places.  The bottom of the two must be notarized.

The State Application requires your first name, last name and middle initial at the top of the form. You also must list your home address and answer the qualification questions. The bottom section requires you to sign your name in front of a notary.

The Nebraska Notary Association application is for our use.  Please indicate the package you would like us to do.

The Citizenship Attestation form must be completed in full.

Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions.

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