Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fail the test?

A second test will be sent along with the notification that the applicant did not pass the first test. Applicants may take the test two (2) times initially.  The second test will be a different test version.  The second test must be completed and passed within 60 days of the initial failure.  If the applicant fails the second test, they must wait six (6) months from the date of the first test failed before trying again.  All other rules on application processing remain the same.

Applicants will only be advised that they passed or failed and the score they received on the test(s) in a written confimration letter sent by mail.  (Actual tests taken will not be returned to the applicant).

I was recently married. How do I change my name on my notary commission?

At this point you have two choices:
1.  It is a State of Nebraska Statute that you keep using your notary exactly as you have been.  If you choose that option, you can then change the name on your notary commission at renewal time.
2.  We can change your name on your notary commission.   At a minimum, the State Fee, bond fee and stamp would all be required. 

Are notary journals now required in the State of Nebraska?

Notary journals are highly recommend but not required under Nebraska Notary law. 

Does my expiration date have to be included on my notary seal?

YES, LB 382 was approved by the Governor on May 16, 2007.  LB 382 provides that all notaries commissioned after August 31, 2007 must use an ink stamp engraved with the following:

  • State of Nebraska
  • General Notary or General Notarial
  • His or her name as commissioned
  • The expiration date of the commission
  • Current notaries must comply withe LB 382 upon renewal of their commission.

I was wondering what type of test is required to become a notary and who is required to take it?

The test is a 20 question open booklet exam.  It consists of 10 true/false and 10 multiple choice questions.  You can miss up to 3 questions.  All new notary applicants must take the test along with any current notary who has let their notary commission expire.  The test is sent to your home for you to complete and return. 

My notary commission expired last week, can I still renew?

The State of Nebraska must receive your properly filled out renewal paperwork no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day your notary expires.  No Exceptions.  If your notary has expired we are glad to send out the paperwork to get you re-started.  The price is the same for new or renewal, but you will now need to take the notary test. 

More Frequently Asked Questions

I understand I now need to turn in my change of address if I move during my 4-year term.

Yes, you have 45 days to turn in your change of home address.  This will also make sure you renewal paperwork and updates make it to you. 

I recently changed jobs and my previous employer kept my notary seal. Do I need to start over?

No, you simply need to order a new stamp.  While your employer may have paid for your notary bond and state fee, these items cannot be cancelled and your notary will be in effect for your full four-year term. 

Can you clarify which relatives I can and can’t notarize for?

Notaries are prohibited for notarizing for:
   Ancestors: Parents and grandparents
   Descendents: Children and grandchildren
   Spouse: Husband or wife
   Siblings:  Brothers and sisters
   The above relationships also include in-law, step, or half relatives.
Notaries may notarize for:
   Aunts and uncles
   Nieces and nephews

What is the Errors and Omissions policy and is it required?

The errors and omissions policy is recommend by the Nebraska Notary Association but it is not required.  It will cover you if you notarize something in error or if someone claims you did.  The bond you must purchase will cover the State of Nebraska but does not give you any personal protection. 

How much can I charge for notarizing a document?

For taking affidavits and seal:  $2.00

For administering oath & affirmation:  $5.00

For each certificate and seal:  $5.00
For taking acknowledgement of deed or other Instrument:  $5.00
For each protest:  $1.00
For recording each protest:  $2.00
For each notice of protest:  $2.00
For each mile traveled in serving notice, mileage at the rate provided in section 81-1176. 

So what about notary signing agents, I hear they charge $75.00?

The fees above are what can be charged for notarizing a document.  If you are being paid more, you are risking losing your Nebraska Notary commission.  If someone is receiving $75.00, a portion of that money must be for services other than notarizing. 

More Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have Nebraska Notary Association handle my new and renewal notary commissions?

Nebraska notary is located in Lincoln and has been handling Nebraska notary commissions for the last 30 years.   We handle Nebraska notaries only!  Notary applications are hand carried to the Secretary of State on a daily basis.  

What should I do if a document I have been asked to notarize is full of blank spaces?

Have the principal line through and initial blank spaces in the document prior to signing. Failure to do so will leave the document open to easy alteration after the notary has been preformed. 

As a Nebraska Notary, am I able to notarize a document that originated in Iowa?

Yes, as long as the principal comes to you in Nebraska and signs the document in front of you.  You are not able to cross over into Iowa and notarize that same document. 

Are there exceptions to the personal appearance clause if a person is physically unable to travel?

No, the document signer(s) must sign the document in the physical presence of the notary.