New Notary


How to Become a Notary

Customers must complete and send the following items to Nebraska Notary Association:  

  • Notary Test
  • Bond Form
  • State Application
  • Citizen Attestation Form
  • Nebraska Notary Application

Upon receipt of the above items,  I will hand carry the test, along with your paperwork, to The Secretary of State for processing.  

All required forms can be found below.

Notary Test

  • The written examination will be a take home, open book type test.
  • The test must be completed by the applicant, who will swear on oath they have completed the test without assistance from others.
  • Answers must be hand marked -- no machine marked or pre-printed tests will be allowed.
  • There will be 20 questions on the test, multiple choice and true or false.  Applicants may miss no more than 3 questions to pass.

To order a test please call Nebraska Notary Association at 1-800-213-8636 or send an e-mail to  Your name (first, last and middle initial required) home address, business name and address are required.

State Application

  • The top portion of the Initial Application requires your name, address, and answer to a few questions.  
  • The bottom portion requires your notarized signature.  

Bond Form

  • The bond form requires the applicant to sign in two places.  
  • The bottom of the two must be notarized. 

Citizen Attestation

Must be completed in full.

Nebraska Notary Order Form

The Nebraska Notary Association application is for our use.  Please indicate the package you would like us to do.